Small Birds

We offer safe and secure all-inclusive holidays for small birds such as budgies, canaries, finches, cockatiels, lovebirds and parakeets.

Professional care provided by a Veterinary Nurse.

Why risk damaging your cage or injuring your bird by transporting their cage to a boarders?

We provide everything for your birds stay!



The Ivy is a lovely large bird cage (92 x 46 x 36cm) provided with all toys, perches, bath, stimulating sand tray and feeders

Venture Bird Set Up

venture bird set up 2


 (92cm x 64cm x 80cm).




Venture has toys, perches, a bath, stimulating sand tray and feeders.

Cuttle fish and millet provided on stays over 4 days

Seeds, treats, fruits and vegetables included

Regular email updates with photos

Stimulating enviroment

Flight time each day

Air Conditioned Lodge for the warmer months and heated during the cooler ones

We spend lots of time with our guests ensuring they are enjoying their stay, all birds have daily flight time outside their holiday homes

Stimulating and fun environment

Toys are changed weekly to help prevent boredom, we also use sand trays with seed mixed in to encourage foraging, potted herbs/ fruit, seeds and veg holders to help provide natural vitamins/ minerals and bird baths

DAB Radio which can be tuned to your birds favourite station (if they have one!)

We recommend bringing your bird to Crumpets in an appropriate transport box such as this one. They can be found in pet shops or online stores such as Amazon and cost between £5-£10. These allow your bird to be transported safely and are also handy to have at home in case you need to take your bird to the vets. Birds should not be transported in their cages as they can be injured easily as well as risking damage to your cage and a potential escape.  bird transport

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