Changes to Opening Hours


Our normal opening hours are;

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 10.00am-2pm 6pm-7pm

Weds 10.30am-12pm

Saturday 10.30am- 12pm

Sunday & Bank Holidays 11am-12pm

We do offer appointments outside these hours.

 Below are the dates that have changes to our opening hours.

If it states that we are closed we have no admissions or departures on these dates and guests boarding will either have to depart before that date or after the date has passed.

Wednesday 11th September - Closed

Friday 13th September - 11am-2pm

Saturday 14th September - Closed

Friday 20th September - 6-7pm

Below are the dates we are completely closed and offer no boarding

18th October - 28th October - Closed Completely No Services Offered

Friday 29th November - Wednesday 4th December - Closed Completely No Services Offered

Christmas 2019 Opening Times

Monday 23rd December 11am - 6pm

24th - 28th Dec Closed for arrivals and departures

Sunday 29th December 11am -12pm

Monday 30th December 11am - 6pm

Tuesday 31st Dec - 1st Jan Closed for arrivals and departures

Thursday 2nd Jan 11am - 6pm

Friday 3rd Jan 11am-12pm / 6pm - 7pm

Saturday 4th 11am-1pm 

Sunday 5th Jan - Open as normal