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aw Lavender Lodge gpig side

Our hutches are housed in Lavender Lodge


for more information on Lavender Lodge.



Lavender Lodges Enclosed Garden We have a large secure quiet garden for our runs with lush grass. Which gives our guests a peaceful and relaxing stay.   Lavender Lodges Enclosed Garden






The runs are disinfected with Trigene (A veterinary disinfectant) prior to your pets stay. This ensure's the run is disease free. Each guest has their own run for the duration of their stay, so in good weather they can be in their run all day!








  DSC_0527   Each run has a shelter.  DSC_0523

 If you would like our supplier's details for any of our hutches, runs or shelters please contact us.

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Ever wondered what your pet gets up to at night? Our night vision CCTV allows us to check our guests even when they think we are not looking!

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Our Guests

We will always ask permission before displaying any photos of our guests on our website.

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This is Cornelia. A beautiful guinea pig, a pleasure to board and she ate up all her greens, but doesn't like orange!



 Here she is again playing with a hay ball,  which she really enjoyed throwing it around!










This is Potatun who boarded in Orchard Rise. Potatun means Thumper in Russian. This little cheeky chap brought a smile to my face everyday with his antics and personality, a true star!  Here he is in his favorite spot in his run. The top of the run has been folded back to allow his photo to be taken.











This is Smartie and Cookie who boarded in Willow Warren. A wonderful little pair and a pleasure to board.









This is Blinky who boarded in Home Sweet Home, Here he is in his run. He loved to spend time in the garden having a good gossip with the other guests and enjoyed a cuddle before bedtime. 









This is Coco and Blackie who boarded in Willow Warren. A very friendly pair with an appetite equivalent to a pair of Shire Horse's. A pleasure to board! 









This is Thumper who boarded in Orchard Rise. A bunny who loves to be cuddled and enjoys a good brushing! He enjoyed being outside in his run and his favourite spot is on top of the run shelter. Made me smile with his eating habits! 






This is Fluffy who boarded in Rose Cottage. Loves a nose rub!









This is Loki who boarded in Willow Warren. Here he is in a favourite sunbathing spot on the platform of the ramp.






This is Pokey who boarded in Maple lodge. He enjoyed his mealworm treats!








This is Lavender who boarded in Apple Wood. Here she is in her run next to a tunnel, she took great pleasure in racing through them.









This is Bertie who boarded in The Ivy. Here he is in his run munching on the grass and enjoying the sunshine.








Here is Paella who boarded with her football in Willow Warren. An energetic little bunny who liked to race around the ramps and runs. 








Oscar, Mango and Kiwi boarded in Apple Wood. Here they are out in their run, Oscar liked to chomp on the grass whilst Mango and Kiwi raced through the tunnels!





Here is Pig, who boarded in our indoor home Maple Lodge. A cheeky chap who liked to squeak for his breakfast.









Here is Muffin, who boarded in The Haven. He loved to chat to the other guests whilst out in his run and would get very excited on his journey out to the garden.








rambo & sylvesterthumper N




Here is Rambo and Sylvester and Thumper who boarded in Orchard Rise. All took advantage of the long grass and spent

 many an hour in the sunshine munching away!






Marilyn and Audrey


Here is Marilyn and Audrey who boarded in The Ivy. A lovely pair that helped to cut the lawn so that I need not use the lawn mower!










Here is Alfie who boarded in Apple Wood, a small rabbit with a huge personality! He loved to race around the tunnels out in his run. 






coco and hazel


Here is Hazel and Coco who boarded in The Ivy, an energetic pair who mastered The Ivy's ramp in minutes!






DSC_1051 simba and bandit 2 simba and bandit 3

Here is Simba and Bandit who boarded in Willow Warren, here they are having a tug of war over a dandelion!





Here is Muffin who boarded in Orchard Rise, her she is tucking into some Parsley.






carlos and carmen



  Here is Carlo's and Carmen (picture provided by their owner). Carlo's enjoyed rallying all the guinea pig boarders into a chorus of squeaks at feeding time!






poppy and albert



Here is Poppy and Albert who boarded in Willow Warren, here they are at the top of the ramp. A beautiful pair of bunnies. 







   Here is Honey who boarded in Apple Wood, here she is chilled out enjoying the sunshine out in her run. 






patch stewart


Here is Mrs Patch Stewart who boarded in The Ivy. A very affectionate bunny.







Here is Gilbert and Sid who boarded in Clover. Here they are enjoying their run and shelters, Sid's favourite was his cardboard box!




   Here is Pixel who boarded in Parsley Place, she loved to run round in her wheel in the early hours of the morning!








Here is Dotty who boarded in Rose Cottage, Dotty liked to dig and now has the nickname Dotty the Digger.






peanut butter



Here is Peanut Butter who boarded in Jasmine Lodge, a lovely bunny who liked to thump a hello every now and again to his neighbours.








rosie and boo boo


Here is Toffee and Blackberry who boarded in The Ivy, they really liked to play in the tunnels and ransack the hutch every night!


muffin and Hopsy




Here is Muffin and Hopsy who boarded in Maple Lodge. A peaceful pair who really enjoyed a cuddle.







Here is Ruby who boarded in Home Sweet Home. She liked to do a lap of her run, through the tunnel and into her shelter.






cocoa and basil



   Here is Basil and Cocoa who boarded in Bramble Lodge. Cocoa was so loud at feeding time I first thought there was an exotic bird somewhere in the garden, he is as cheeky as he looks in the photo!







Here is Snowy (Syrian hamster) enjoying his treat stick whilst staying in Bluebell. Snowy liked to climb the cage instead of using the ladder, a very energetic chap!








Here is Bruce who boarded in Meadow Croft. He enjoyed lots of cuddle's and would chat away softly to me, a true gentleman.





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