Guinea Pigs

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We can accommodate both indoor and outdoor guinea pigs in Lavender Lodge which is a simulated Indoor enviroment, we also have a large seperate playroom for the guinea pig guest who does not want to be housed within a hutch.

   We stimulate our guests by hiding fruit and veg and using treat balls to prevent any boredom during their stay. Toys and tunnels are plentiful to allow your Guinea Pig to have fun whilst boarding. Mango 
 We do not rotate our runs (Run Rotation is where the same run is used for different guests at different times of the day). Your pet will have its own  run for the duration their stay with their own run shelter allowing them to spend the whole day munching grass in suitable conditions. 
  • We provide everything, all you need supply is the guest.
  • Our lodge has heating and air conditioning.
  • DAB Radio is played in the lodge.
  • Our garden quiet and peaceful a perfect place for a nice holiday!
  • Fresh Veg, Food and Hay provided daily.
  • You can receive email updates whilst they are boarding with us.
  • 24 hour care.
  • We can clip nails and bath your pig (extra charges apply).
  • We offer medical boarding.
  • We disinfect our hutches, runs and feeding equipment with Trigene which is a veterinary disinfectant and completely safe.
 Guests are several times throughout the day to make sure they are in tip-top condition, settled and happy. We can bath, groom, discover their likes and dislikes. We like to talk to our Pigs and get to know them well.
 Gustarvo  We are excellent with nervous guests, we make sure that they settle in well and have handling protocols in place to reduce stress whilst boarding. Have a look at out Guest book to see what our clients say about Crumpets.   Muffin


Pongy Pig/ sweaty grease gland? No worries! We can bath and clip their nails whilst boarding.

We can administer medication. We have the facilities to medically board your pet which would be cared for by a fully Qualified Veterinary Nurse.

If your guinea pig is unwell and you are not at home to care for them in the day, why not enquire about this service?

We have access to Veterinary Services 24/7.


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