Hamsters & Gerbils


  "So your ready to go on your holiday but who's going to look after the hamster?"

Crumpets provides an all-inclusive stay. 

 "Does your neighbour really like gerbils?"

 Probably not or she'd own one herself!

 "If you pile the food really high will it be enough?"

 No! What about exercise and fresh water? Contaminated food can also cause conditions such as wet tail which can be fatal.

 "What happens when something goes wrong?"

 At Crumpets there is always someone here keeping a close eye on our guests.
 Our cages are suitable for all types of hamsters, from the smallest Roboski to the largest Syrian and meet RSPCA recommended standards.  Leave them in safe hands at Crumpets. 

Cages are expensive and the last thing you need is to damage it by transporting it to their holiday provider.

Don't worry you can count on us to provide an all-inclusive stay for them at Crumpets.

Included in their stay is;

Large Cage (3 levels 71.5 x 46 x 40cms).

Water bottle, feeding dish and house.

Excercise Wheel.

All equipment and housing.

Excercise Ball - hamsters & gerbils need at least 30 minutes exercise a day. 

Dry food & Fresh Food.

All bedding.

Handling for those who likes a hug!

Want more room for your hamster?

Our cages can be easily connected via a tunnel system, giving double the space.


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