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  Our hedgehog guest rooms have lots of space for your hedgehog to explore.

 Hedgehog Room

You will need to supply your hedgehogs dry diet. We provide all your hedgehog fresh food such as mealworms, cooked chicken, tuna, salmon, cabbage, cauliflower, peas, cooked eggs and a variety of vegetables . We limit fruit to the occasional treat.

Fresh water is given via a drinking bottle or bowl - depending on your hedgehogs preference.

Tunnels, housing, boxes and snuggle pouches are provided which allow hedgehogs to play and encourage foraging behaviour.
We can provide your hedgehog with a wheel if they use one, or you can bring their own if you feel they would be happier using one they familiar with.  We are very experienced at caring for hedgehogs. Nikki was a local carer for the BHPS.

24/7 care provided by a fully qualified Veterinary Nurse. 

Guests are checked throughout their stay to make sure they are in tip-top condition, settled and happy. We take time getting to know your hedgehog, their likes and dislikes to minimise any stress.

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Receive email updates during your hedgehogs holiday.

"We can provide litter trays for the litter trained hedgehog"


Our availability can be viewed month by month on our diaries - Blueberry Lodge is located in the guinea pig section.


    pixel email   We keep our hedgehog guests nice and warm (around 70´F/ 20'c) to prevent hibernation, we have temperature controlled heat pads for the cooler nights.
We bath hedgehogs once a week to help keep them in tip top condition.     All you need to bring is your hedgehog! pygmyhedg2 94x94


  We disinfect our lodges and equipment with the veterinary disinfectant Trigene. We also steam clean the lodges.

We can administer medication. We have the facilities to medically board your pet which would be cared for by a fully Qualified Veterinary Nurse.If your hedgehog is unwell and you are not at home to care for them in the day, why not enquire about this service?

We have access to Veterinary Services 24/7. 

Fun, safe, secure, stress free holidays for hedgehogs.


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