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We can accommodate indoor and outdoor rabbits, from dwarf breeds to giants.

Our smallest Indoor Rabbit hutches start at 10ft (3 meters)


For your rabbit to be able to board at Crumpets they require 2 vaccinations which are 2 separate injections.

Vaccine 1: Nobivac RHD – Combined Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease 1.

 Vaccine 2: Filovac RHD2 – Viral Haemorrhagic Disease Strain 2, this is not covered by the combined vaccine.   

Please look at our vaccination and flystrike information by clicking here.

  • All feeding equipment, toys, chew sticks and treats are provided.
  • Fresh Veg, Food and Hay provided daily including dried forage.
  • We provide litter trays and litter. 
  • Our lodges have heating and air conditioning.
  • We give lots of one to one attention and care.
  • Receive email updates, Whatsapp, texts and photos during their stay.
  • We disinfect our hutches, runs and feeding equipment with Trigene which is a veterinary disinfectant and completely safe.
  • Our garden is large and quiet, a peaceful place for a nice holiday!
  • 24 hour/ 7 day a week care.
  • We use Pet Remedy Diffuser's to help reduce stress.
  • We closely monitor shy/ nervous guests via CCTV so that they can settle in and feel confident in their surroundings without the knowledge of being watched.

We do not rotate our runs - this is when the same run is used for different guests at different times of the day.

Guests staying at Crumpets have access to an outdoor run in suitable weather for the whole day rather than for short periods.

When the weather is not suitable for outdoor exercise we use indoor runs.

Indoor rabbits do not go outside from mid-end of October - April unless they have access to outdoors at home and only if you want them to go outside.

Rabbits are very intelligent, so we stimulate them with lots of activities, toys, tunnels and hiding places to prevent boredom. We make their stay here fun.
We are excellent with nervous guests, we ensure that they settle in well and have handling protocols in place to reduce stress whilst boarding. Have a look at out Guest book to see what our clients say about Crumpets.   We have nice large hutches and spacious playrooms
Special needs bunnies are our speciality!
Rabbits are checked throughout the day to ensure their bums are clean and are not at risk from flystrike. We make sure they are in tip-top condition, settled and happy. We groom and take time getting to know your pet, their likes and dislikes to minimise any stress.

We can administer medication. We have the facilities to medically board your pet which would be cared for by a fully Qualified Veterinary Nurse.

If your rabbit is unwell and you are not at home to care for them in the day, why not enquire about this service?

We have access to Veterinary Services 24/7.