Rats, Degus & Chinchillas


brambles 1

The Brambles

The Brambles is a very large and stimulating multi platform cage (84 x 54 x 100 cms).

It has sisal ropes, hammocks, houses, cargo net, tunnels, wooden platforms and various toys placed around it, making it a brilliant holiday home. 

Treats are hidden around the cage to help keep our guests stimulated and we have lots of toys for them to play with.

More images of The Brambles can be found on our Facebook page or on our webite under Hutches and Cages




Venture is a very spacious multi platform cage (92 x 64 x 80 cms)

It has hammocks, houses, cargo nets, tunnels and various toys inside it making it the ultimate play centre and the perfect holiday accommodation for your pet.

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keep calm

Cages are expensive and difficult to transport without risking damage to them. At Crumpets we offer everything your pet needs for their holiday in spacious and fun accommodation.  

We spend time with our guests everyday

24 hour care

We provide all food, treats, fruit, veg, toys and all the equipment they need - all you need supply is the guests we provide the rest!

We also provide hay/ readigrass for chinchillas.(chinchillas and degu's must provide their own dry food to prevent tummy upsets). Sand bath's are provided for Chinchillas and Degus.