Terms and Conditions

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 1. A contract will be deemed as active once a booking charge sheet has been sent (via email or by post). The reservation will only be secured for 24 hours in which time a deposit must be received, which will be deducible from the final boarding costs.

Reservations made 30 days prior to arrival date. A non refundable 50% or £20.00 deposit (whichever is the greater amount) is required to secure your hutch. We can only hold bookings for 24 hours without a deposit. If your deposit is not received by the date and time detailed on your invoice the reservation will be released and open to other potential bookings. Crumpets cannot be held responsible for the hutch being no longer available to you if your forms/ deposit are not received as are our terms and conditions. Deposits received after the stated date will be refunded if the accommodation is no longer available. Deposits can be paid by bank transfer, card or cash. All fees must be settled either 72 hours prior to admission if paying by BAC, on admission by cash/ card.

Reservations made within 29 days of arrival date. Full payment is required to secure your booking. We can only hold bookings for 24 hours without payment. If your payment is not received by the date and time detailed on your invoice the reservation will be released. Crumpets cannot be held responsible for the hutch being no longer available to you if your forms/ deposit are not received as are our terms and conditions. Deposits received after the stated date will be refunded if the accommodation is no longer available. Payment can be paid by bank transfer, card or cash. 

2. You must inform us by email or in writing if you no longer require the booking and you will be liable to cancellation charges (see below for a breakdown of charges). If you do need to cancel the following charges will apply;

22 days + - = 50% of the boarding fee.

Cancellations made 21 days or less will be liable for 100% of the booking.

Unvaccinated rabbit = you will be liable for 100% of the booking and refused boarding.

If you fail to arrive on your admission date, you will be liable for the days booked that your pet has not attended.

If you cancel 2 separate bookings consecutively or fail to arrive for a booking we have the right to no longer offer our services to you.

*Reduction in days required from original booking 30 days or less will result in 100% of fee charged for the days reduced.

If you cancel a booking or reduce days and incur charges we cannot transfer these charges/ days onto another bookings.

Please note that our minimum booking period is 3 days.  

3. If for any reason, Crumpets Small Animal Boarding has to cancel your booking, at least 72 hours notice will be given to you. If a deposit has been received from you, this will be returned the same day.

4. Collections and departures must be made by appointment during the hours of 10am-6pm Mon-Fri and 10am-12pm Sat- Sun. If you are unable to make the times stated or are running more than 15 minutes late/ early, please keep us informed or you may be refused entry. A new appointment time may need to be arranged or you may need to arrive/ collect the following day.

5. All payments must be paid in full on the day of arrival (excluding the deposit). We accept cash, card or bank transfer (BAC). BAC payments must be completed 24 hours prior to arrival.

We no longer accept cheques due to the cheque guarantee card being withdrawn on the 30th June 2011 and the phasing out of cheque payment.

6. We charge the daily rate for the arrival and departure days, regardless of the time of day.

7. If your pet needs to be separated from its companion due to fighting, you will be liable for the boarding fee of the second hutch, payable on return. We will endeavour to keep companions together but if fighting and injuries occur we have to put your pet’s safety and wellbeing first.

8. If your pet is already boarding with us, and you wish to collect your pet earlier than the date originally provided, you are still liable for the full boarding costs. If you wish to extend their stay and we can accommodate the extra period a invoice will be sent to you via email and must be settled at your earliest convenience before the collection of your pet. The invoice can be settled by card payment or BAC transfer.

9. If you do not collect your pet(s) on the agreed day without prior arrangement then you will be charged for any extra days at £20.00 per day.

10. If you fail to collect within 7 days after the departure date and Crumpets is unable to contact you or your emergency contact, you give your consent for Crumpets to take what action necessary they deem appropriate in respect to your pet(s). By signing your booking form you agree to pay all costs incurred during this period and what ever action is deemed necessary to recover these costs.

11. You will need to bring with you; evidence of your home address such as a driving licence, passport or council tax bill when bringing your pet(s), we can refuse to admit your pet without proof of address.

12. Rabbits must be vaccinated against VHD1, Myxomatosis and RHD2 to board at Crumpets. Primary vaccinations must be given at least 21 days prior to boarding or we will refuse to board your rabbit. Vaccination cards must be shown at admission even if you have boarded before. Any rabbit that is not up to date with their vaccines will be refused boarding and you will be liable for full boarding costs. We allow 6 weeks from the due vaccine date for your rabbit to have its annual vaccination, any vaccine given after this period will class as a Primary Vaccine and must then be given at least 21 days prior to boarding or boarding will be refused.

 To be clear your rabbit will need the following vaccines; 

  • Myxomatosis and RHD1 (1 combined injection given every 12 months)
  • RHD2 (Given every 12 months in low risk areas and every 6 months in high risk areas – your vet can advise you on the current level of risk in the area).

There are no exceptions on our vaccine policy.

13. Crumpets Small Animal Boarding reserve the right to refuse to accept your pet if we feel they are showing signs of disease, injury, illness or pregnancy unless previously discussed and your deposit non-refundable.We also reserve the right to refuse boarding if the hutch size is unsuitable due to the size of the guest (all sizes are given on our website). Giant Breeds of rabbit such as the Continental can only board in the Guest Rooms (Hazel/ Maple) or Outdoor Hutch (Willow Warren). Should you not disclose the current weight of your rabbit on your guest form and book an inappropriate hutch you will be liable for all boarding costs. 

Upon arrival, a brief health check will be taken on your animal. Any pet seen to have skin problems, parasites or any other contagious ailment / condition that could put other animals at risk, will be assessed and if we are unable to provide isolation facilities for your pet, your pet may be refused entry.

14. Any existing medical conditions must be discussed prior to the stay of your pet, each case will be taken into account.

If your pet does have any medical problems, illnesses or injuries it is their best interest and welfare and the welfare of our other guests that this information is disclosed. Please provide the details of their condition and any treatment required when filling out the enquiry form / booking form. We will not accept any pet that is showing signs of an undisclosed illness, disease or injury without this information being disclosed fully prior to arrival. Any vet exams (be they non routine or routine checks) your pet has had in the last 3 months must be disclosed to us even if you feel it it not relevant. 

15. If your pet does become ill whilst at Crumpets, we will endeavour to contact you, or your emergency contact. If we are unable to contact you we will obtain veterinary treatment for your pet and proceed in their best interest. Any treatment required will be payable by you upon return. Your pet will be treated under our Crumpets veterinary account and details will be forwarded to your own vet.

If we discover that your pet is ill due to a condition that they had been examined by a vet for and of which you were aware but you failed to disclose the information to us your account must be settled within 5 days or a £10.00 per day surcharge is added on top of your current fees. We reserve the right to add additional charges to your account for time and expenses, the vet visit charge for undisclosed illness is double our normal rate. We have the right to refuse future boarding and to terminate the current period of boarding transferring your pet into your vets or emergency contacts care.

By paying your deposit and/or signing our consent on arrival, you agree to pay any veterinary costs and our own fees and charges your pet will incur. Invoices for Veterinary Treatment will be sent to you via email, allowing you to pay by PayPal (3% + 20p charge) or via BAC (Bank Transfer) and must be settled upon receipt prior to collecting your pet or as set out in our terms above. Unsettled invoices will incur charges after 30 days and be forwarded to a debt collection agency for recovery. 

We will take your pet to your own vet if they are local or our registered vet. Should you wish your pet to be transferred to a referral centre/ hospital you may need to arrange transfer to and from the referral yourself if we are unable. 

16. We will take no responsibility of any pet’s pregnancy. All the animals are housed in separate living accommodation and at no time will they come into contact with any other animal that they are not normally housed with.

17. We recommend all rabbits are treated for e.cunniculi with a 9 day course of Panacur Rabbit at least 2 weeks prior to boarding unless they have been treat in the last 3 months, we advise a second treatment 3 months after boarding.

18. Sadly, small animals can pass away with very little warning and very quickly after showing signs of an illness. If this does happen, we will contact you immediately to discuss your wishes should your pet pass away in our care. We accept no liability in the unlikely event that this may happen and are unable to refund your boarding fees. You will still be liable for any veterinary fees incurred including cremation.

19. We do not take any responsibility for potential health and behavioural problems arising from boarding an indoor rabbit in a outdoor hutch. We advise that all indoor rabbits board in our indoor facilities.

20. All pet owners must accept that accident, injury, illness, death, theft, public liability, and all other insurances for the pet owner and their animal whilst visiting and boarding with us, are the responsibility of the pet owner and that Crumpets Small Animal Boarding are released of any and all such liabilities.

21. We recommend that all animals are treated for mites/ fleas prior to boarding with Xeno Spot on or a similar product 1 week prior to boarding. We do not ask for evidence of this but we are not responsible or liable for your pet if they have mites as we have recommended a preventative treatment that when applied correctly will prevent your pet from any infestation for 30 days. This is particularly important for rats.  

22. We do not take responsibility for any items such as carriers or clients possessions left at Crumpets. All items are left at the clients own risk. Basket storage is by prior arrangement only.

23. Crumpets will not tolerate abusive behavior, we have the right to refuse our services to any person we believe is acting in an abusive or negative manner. 

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