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When you use Crumpets you can leave them knowing they are in safe, loving and experienced hands.


Nicola Roberts VN A1

Nikki has been a Veterinary Nurse since 1997, not only is Nikki a fully qualified VN she is also an assessor. Nikki also holds a National Diploma in Animal Care and City & Guilds in Pet Store Management, she continues to advance her knowledge and qualifications in small animal care and is currently enrolled on an advanced course for the nursing and care of rabbits. Nikki's extremely experienced and passionate offering a very high standard of care for your pet either in their own home or by boarding at Crumpets. 
 "I started Crumpets Boarding Service to provide a high standard of Small Animal Boarding, your pet isn't just placed in a hutch and left until your return. Guests are checked several times a day, given a stimulating environment with daily access to their own run, groomed should they require it. Time is taken to make sure they settle in well and they are given lots of TLC. They go home happy and settled so you know they have had a good time. I have been providing a pet sitting service throughout my career as a nurse and spend time getting to know your pet, ensuring they are happy and cared for whilst you are away. They are not just another booking to me, they are your pet, your pride and joy."   keep calm 
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Short Sharp Scratch

We have access to Veterinary Services 24/7

 We can administer medication and have the facilities to medically board your pet, cared for by a fully Qualified Veterinary Nurse. If your pet is ill prior to boarding please let us know so that we can provide the TLC required whilst they are in our care.

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We provide email or whatsapp updates and photos during your pets stay.

As we run Crumpets from home we are always able to keep a close eye on our guests, ensuring they are having a happy, stress free and healthy stay.

We are happy to board Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils, Chinchillas, Degus and Rats.

We will not board ferrets as this makes a very stressful environment for our other guests.


Our hutches are housed within Lavender Lodge

Have a look at our accommodation page for more details on this purpose built unit.

Each individual hutch has its own allocated outdoor run - because we do not rotate our runs our guests get to use their run all day in suitable weather.

You provide the guest we provide the rest!

All equipment, dry food, hay and vegetables included in the daily fee.

Reduce Stress When Boarding Your Pet

Click here for tips on making your pets stay stress free

Bath Time!

"Pongy Pig? Reeking Rabbit?" 

 We can clip nails and bath your pet whilst boarding.


When you visit Crumpets you may see Dave (who is our own pet). Not only is Dave a member of the family, he is also Head of Security, he lets us know who is around and deters the foxes. No guests ever get to meet, sniff or see Dave and he has no access to their area, even though he is bunny friendly not every bunny appreciates a canine. You may catch a glimpse of him bouncing on the trampoline - he's not quite normal. 

Don't let Dave deter you from visiting Crumpets, he is super friendly and in a completely separate area to Crumpets.

Please contact us for further details and availability

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