Hedgehog Holidays

What we offer

We provide a 5ft x 2ft enclosure for our APH guests. This has heat pads and a heat lamp ensuring they stay nice and snug, We provide all housing, snuggle sacs, fleece, toys and equipement, including a large wheel but you are welcome to provide their own wheel, toys and snuggle sacs.

Costing from £10.50 per day.

You will need to provide your APH normal diet including dry food, live, frozen food and supplements. We can provide fresh cooked food if this is part of your APH normal diet. APH have sensitve tummys so sudden changes to their diet is not advisable, you will be asked to complete a diet sheet prior to boarding. 

APH are weighed weekly and those that enjoy being handled are handled daily.

We provide regular updates via email or Whatsapp, including photos and videos.

Our lodges are heated during the winter months and have air conditioning during the hot summer months, we have temperture alarms and the lodges are monitored by CCTV.