Chinchilla Holidays

What we offer

We have two large Chinchilla cages, Venture and Brambles..

  • Venture - 92 x 64 x 80cms
  • Brambles -84 x 54 x 100cms

We provide all equipment, hammocks, housing, bowls, water bottles, toys, chinchilla dust and bath., high quality hays, forage, dried treats such as cactus flowers, chicory and dandelion roots, gojo berries, rose buds etc.

We ask that you provide your Chinchilla's dry food.

Costing from £8.50 per day. 

We charge per accomodation, there is a surcharge of £1.00 for 3 or more guests.

We spend time each day with our guests ensuring they are happy, settled and well.

We provide a fun and stimulating enviroment, encouraging foraging behaviour to prevent any boredom.

Chinchillas that enjoy being handled and having a cuddle are handled daily. 

We provide regular updates via email or Whatsapp, including photos and videos of your Chinchillas holiday.

Our lodges are heated during the winter months and have air conditioning during the hot summer months. The lodges are temperture alarmed and monitored by CCTV.

When bringing your Chinchilla to Crumpets please use an appropriate secure carrier, do not use cardboard boxes or transport them in their own cages.