Respite Care for NHS Workers

Whilst we are not open to the public, we have taken advice and we are able to offer respite care for NHS workers.

We can continue to operate where a pets life would be in danger should we not accept the booking and where we are providing an essential service to a key worker. As NHS staff will be working all hours throughout this pandemic and may not be able to care for their pet we feel we can provide an essential service during this time, keeping their pets safe. Our rates are discounted by 50% for NHS staff to cover our daily running costs and we have strict PPE policies in place for operating over this time. Please contact us for more details.

Changes to our terms and conditions in relation to Covid -19 outbreak

A number of clients have cancelled due to the Coronvirus outbreak, please note that our current terms and conditions are that any cancellation made 21 days or less to the first day of boarding, the client is liable for 100% of the booking costs.

Bookings confirmed/ made prior to the 12th March 2020

If your holiday or flight is cancelled by the Travel Company or Airline due to Coronvirus and you can supply evidence of this we will wavier this charge but you will lose your initial 50% deposit.

All our terms and conditions remain the same for reduction of dates etc. and we are only offering to relax our cancellation policy for those affected by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Bookings confirmed/ made from the 13th March 2020

Bookings made from the 13th of March you will be subject to our normal terms and conditions as you will be fully aware of the travel risks and implications when making the booking.

Bookings during the 13th March to the 30th of June (suggested peak period for Coronavirus) - 100% deposit will be required at the time of the booking. Should you cancel 21 days prior to your booking, 50% of the booking will be refunded to you, after this time you, should you cancel you will lose all of the booking fee.

Travel Insurance

It is worth checking your holiday insurance to see if you are covered for pet boarding costs due to cancellation of your holiday - normally this is only covered if the FTA has advised all but essential travel to your holiday destination.

What to do if your pet is boarding and you are quarantined or ill.

Don’t panic, please inform us as soon as possible to your situation. We will care for your pet as long as is needed and will make any arrangements required to accommodate them, charges will be incurred during this period of care at a reduced daily rate. Also see below if you are ill.

What to do if you are ill after your holiday.

Please let us know if you are showing symptoms of Coronovirus following your holiday.

If your pet is still boarding please do not come to our facilities to collect them, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can liaise directly with you in regards to getting your pet home.  

If you are ill after collecting your pet please let us know so that we can prevent further contamination to others.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly with any questions.