Rabbit Rooms

Maple Lodge & Hazel Lodge

These purpose built guest room's offer lots of space in a safe, fun and stimulating indoor environment.

We spend time each day with our guests ensuring they are happy, healthy and having a great all-inclusive holiday.

Each room is only occupied by each individual booking, we do not mix our guests and your pet will not share their room with other guests.

During the cooler months each indoor room is heated with a radiator and thermostatically controlled to maintain a constant temperature. Air conditioning is used during the hot summer months. We have temperature alarms and CCTV in this unit. 

The flooring is non slip laminate and vinyl and has mats and vetbeds in sections. The base flooring can be completely covered with mats. We supply all bedding, toys, bowls, litter trays and equipment (everything your bunny will need for their holiday) but you are welcome to bring your rabbits favourite toys and treats.

  • maple lodge wide corner
  • maple shelf
  • maple lodge heater
  • m l hay
  • m l cb
  • m l r
  • Praying bunny
  • Cherry and Boris
  • Boris and Cherry