Guinea Pig Holidays

Crumpets provides all inclusive holiday care for your Guinea Pig. We provide all they will need for their stay from top quality hays, forage, fresh food, pellets*, bowls, bottles, housing, hideaways and bedding. You are welcome to bring their favorite toys, treats etc.

We spend lots of time with our guests every day, handling those that love a cuddle, ensuring they are happy and well. We provide regular email or Whatsapp updates of your piggies holiday, including photos and videos. We are here 24/7 ensuring they are getting the care they deserve.

The substrate we use is megazorb, we can also provide cage liners or vet bed for those piggies housed on fleece - please let us know your preference prior to arrival. Our indoor holiday home sizes are listed below.

We can accomodate special needs and medical boarders, contact us for more details.

*Pellets we stock - Excel, Science Selective, Cavy Cusine, P&H, Muesli Mix.


Indoor 5ft Small - Costing £8.50 per day

Indoor 5ft x 2ft - Costing £10.50 per day

Indoor 10ft x 1.25ft - Costing £10.50 per day

Indoor 10ft x 2ft - Costing £18.00 per day

We charge per accomodation, 3 or more guests incur a daily £2.00 surcharge.

Our lodge is heated during the winter months and has air conditioning during the hot summer months.

Outdoor Runs

Guinea pig guests have the opportunity to have access to an outdoor run on grass during the summer months (you decide).

Outdoor guinea pigs have access to an outdoor run when the weather is suitable during the winter months.

We do not mix our guests, they will not share their run with other guests.