Hamster & Gerbil Holidays

What we offer

We provide all your hamster or gerbil will need for their holiday, all you need to provide is the guest. 

  • All equipment, bedding inc substrate, bowls, water bottles, wheels, balls, housing, large secure cage (suitable for Syrians and Roborovski hamsters) are provided by us.
  • All fresh food is also provided. We can also provide a hamster mix unless you wish to provide your own.
  • Gerbils are provided with deep substrate and lots of foraging activities with plenty of cardboard to destroy.

You are welcome to bring your hamsters or gerbils favourite treats, toys and hides.

Costing £6.50 per day

Hamsters and gerbils that enjoy and are used to being handled are handled daily. Exercise balls are also provided.

We provide regular email or Whatsapp updates with photos or videos.

We recommend you transport your hamster or gerbil to Crumpets in a small secure carrier - please do not transport them in cardboard boxes or their own cage.