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 Outdoor Rabbit/ Guinea Pig
 Indoor Rabbit Hutches
 Indoor Guinea Pig Hutches
 Indoor Guest Rooms
 Hamster/ Gerbil Cages
 Rat/ Degu/ Chinchilla Cages


Our hutches and enclosures are cleaned out daily, water bottles are replaced and uneaten food is thrown away. A full clean out is carried out once a week or more often if required. Litter trays are cleaned out twice a day. Our hutches are disinfected with a veterinary disinfectant to ensure they are spotless and disease free. We steam clean them to get rid of any parasites and inspect them daily for any damage or repairs that are required, they are kept in tip top condition.

Willow Warren - Outdoor


Willow Warren - a huge outdoor hutch with run.

Its bigger than your standard hutch! .

Safe and Secure - With a slabbed run area and inner multi-level hutch Willow Warren is an excellent holiday home for your pet. Galvanised mesh across the windows and vent holes and extra locks to keep our guests safe and secure.


Guests have unlimted access to the run during the day but the run is locked at night. During the colder months Willow Warren has perspex glazing on its windows as an extra weather barrier. Its inner compartment is insulated and has a heater within to prevent this area from dropping below freezing. It also has lighting to enable us to check on our guests when it is dark.

We have Ultra Sonic Fox Deterrents in place, which are switched on at night, these cannot be switched on the day as it would make it uncomfortable for our guests if they were to trigger them from the outside runs. Willow Warren has fox grade mesh, it is inspected daily for any faults that may affect its robustness. Foxes do not tend to enter the garden because of Harvey, but we take every precaution necessary to keep our guests safe. Someone is always here watching over them.

 So whilst your away on your holidays why not really treat your pet to a deluxe all-inclusive stay? 


Lavender Lodge Hutches (Indoor)

maple lodge wide cornerIf you don't want your pet housed in a hutch, why don't you take a look at our Guest Rooms?

We have different sizes of indoor hutches available, Rose Cottage (24 sqft) and 2 large indoor hutches Apple Wood and Orchard Rise(20 sqft) .  

 Rose Cottage 

rose cottage a rose cottage b

Rose Cottage is a massive custom built 4ft x 3ft 2 level hutch with "peek a boo" windows to allow more light into the hutch, 24 sqft of internal floor space with a ramp to access to both levels and a separate run. A nice deep hutch with a easy to use ramp, giving guests lots of space to relax in and explore.  

Orchard Rise & Apple Wood 10ft x 2ft Indoor Rabbit Hutch

 Each hutch is a very large spacious custom built 10ft (3 meters) x 2ft indoor hutch with a separate outdoor run. These hutches have no ramps so are perfect for the less able buns or those not used to ramps. You would easily fit into one of these hutches yourself and they really need to be seen to really appreciate their size. 

IMG_4960  IMG_4967 IMG_4975
IMG_4952 IMG_4971 IMG_4969


Indoor Guinea Pig Hutches

5ft x 1.25ft Indoor Guinea Pig Hutches (Larger sizes available further down the page)


DSC_0486 DSC_0472 DSC_0484  


The Haven, Silver Dale, Bracken Lodge, Meadow Croft and Clover - Single level 5ft hutch for Guinea Pigs, each hutch has a separate outdoor run.

Jamble 10ft x 1.25ft Indoor Guinea Pig Hutch

Looking for something bigger for your guinea pig but concerned they won't figure out the ramp? Ask about Jamble which is 2 5ft hutches linked via a small tunnel (that will allow even the most portly pig to get through), making a 10ft hutch.

jamble 3jamble 4

Jamble Crumpets

Below is the position of each hutch.

The Haven   Meadow Croft
Silver Dale   Bracken Lodge

4ft x 2ft Indoor Guinea Pig Hutch

Amber - Images coming soon!

5ft x 2ft Indoor Guinea Pig Hutch

5ft x 2ft

10ft x 2ft Indoor Guinea Pig Hutch

10ft x 2ft Image 1

10ft x 2ft Image 2 Crumpets

10ft x 2ft Image 3 Crumpets

 Our Hamster/ Gerbil Cages 


Bluebell & Sammys Place

Suitable for Gerbils, Hamsters (from the smallest Roboski to the largest Syrian)

Exceeding the RSPCA recommendations in size for large hamsters such as the Syrian and can be adapted (middle bar section removed) to accommodate the smallest of hamster securely such as the Roboski. It has 3 levels, 2 wheels, 3 houses, 2 feeding stations, hammock and a tunnel! All food, treats and exercise ball included in the daily fee. It also has a lovely deep base which allows us to fill it with bedding material to allow gerbils to burrow to their hearts content. Please contact us for more information or requests. 

The Brambles is suitable for rats/degus and chinchillas

84cm x 54cm 100cms 

brambles 1 brambles 2 brambles 3 brambles 4




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