Lavender Lodge

Lavender Lodge
  • Insulated purpose-built lodge.
  • Electric.
  • Lighting.
  • We provide everything - you just provide the guests.
  • Qualified and extremely experienced staff.
  • 24 hour on site care.

Lavender Lodge allows us to offer a more secure and comfortable environment for our guests, we also offer two separate indoor "playrooms" for guests who don't want to be confined within a hutch - click here for more information.

  • Night vision CCTV.
  • Heated.
  • Air-conditioned during the summer.
  • Temperature monitored.
  • Secure.
  • Caring environment.
  • Small and friendly establishment.



Why is boarding in Lavender Lodge better than boarding in our own home? 

All guests are better boarding in Lavender Lodge than our own home because each home is different. Different routine, different pets, different people, different sounds and smells which would make it stressful for your pet. Lavender Lodge is designed to reduce stress and make our guests stay nice and peaceful. We have noticed since building the lodge our guests are more content and happy now than what they were boarding in our home. No animal that would raise stress levels in our rabbit/ guinea pig/ hamster guests stay at Crumpets (such as ferrets, dogs and cats). We spend time with each guest each day so they get all the love and attention they need.

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Guinea Pig Hutches  Safe & Secure 

The lodge is alarmed and has a 5 lever mortice lock as well as security bolts to keep our guests safe and secure. It is also equipped with night vision CCTV to allow us to monitor our guests day and night. It is fitted with smoke detectors and an alarm system.


 We use daylight bulbs to provide lighting 10-12 hours a day. Daylight bulbs simulate natural daylight and help to prevent seasonal disorders over the darker months. They also do not strain the eyes which keeps our guests comfortable and helps to support the body's natural rhythm by simulating daylight.


We use oil filled radiators to provide heat. This is the safest form of heating to use and will not dry out the air preventing breathing disorders.

 On cold nights snuggle safe heat pads are placed in the hutches to provide extra warmth throughout the night. This is a hard pad designed to be used for animals, perfect for our guests.

We can also provide our guests with electric temperature regulated heat pads (this has an armoured cable and is waterproof), for an extra £1 per day. This would remain in the hutch for the period of their stay.


Lavender Lodge has an air conditioning unit, this allows us to keep the Lodge at a comfortable temperature on those warm nights. We also use ice pods which are frozen and placed into runs/ hutches to help keep our guests nice and cool on those hot Summer days.


By providing electric in the lodge it allows us to play cds or the radio. This is particularly useful when fireworks are being let off as it reduces the noise and fear of the bigger bangs. It also helps to keep our guests used to the everyday noises they may encounter at home and hopefully they will enjoy our taste in music!


We use veterinary disinfectants to clean our hutches, which are hoovered and soaked after each use. We also steam clean our hutches to rid them of parasites, eradicate bacteria and treat them every 6 months with a parasite spray. We use megazorb for litter and bedding as it is a baked wood pulp reducing dust and eradicating mould, fungus and mites. We use hand gels in-between each guest. 

Reduce Stress

We use special plug in diffuser's which have been proven to have a natural calming effect in Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Hamsters.

We don't stack our rabbit hutches because rabbit's communicate with their feet, being under another rabbit thumping out an alert would increase their stress levels.

Lavender Lodge is nice and quiet a perfect place for a holiday.

5ft Guinea Pig Hutches on Left, Rabbit 2 tier 5ft on right

Run Time

At Crumpets each hutch has its own allocated outdoor run - our guests don't share it with any other guests! Guests can stay out in their run all day (daylight hours), never having to stay cramped in a hutch or have limited access, especially on those warm summer days. We do not rotate our outdoor runs which means that our guests have full access to a run in the day. Run rotation is when guests are put into a run for a limited time, then removed to allow another guest to use it. 


We aim to provide a stimulating environment for our guests. We will provide a variety of toys and stimulating activities to prevent boredom or behaviour problems. If the weather is too bad to be outside we give each guest time in an indoor run every day to keep them stimulated and stop the hutch blues.



Crumpets books incredibly fast for Christmas (normally 15 months in advance).

Guests staying on Christmas Day have a present from Santa and a Christmas dinner. The lodge is heated so its nice and cosy. To add to the Christmas spirit carols and songs are played throughout the day.

We are currently 50% full at Christmas.


New Year

For New Year Eve we ensure that our guests stay nice and relaxed during the midnight celebrations, blinds are pulled down and night lights are used to block out flashes from the fireworks, the music is turned up to hide most of the bangs, diffusers and calming sprays are used to reduce any stress caused by the midnight celebrations. This is the same actions we take on bonfire night.

Lavender Lodges Garden Lavender Lodge Lavender Lodge Enclosed Garden

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We are here day and night ensuring our guests are happy, well and enjoying their stay.