Prices and Policies


 We charge per hutch not per guest, everything's included in the daily fee, all you need to supply is the guest.

 (up to 2 occupants, for 3 or more occupants an additional charge is added to the daily fee - charges below)

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Indoor Rabbit Hutches  Size  Hutch Name  Daily Fee 4 days & Under Daily Fee 5 days & Over

Standard one level

Indoor 10ft/ 3 mtr

(1 level)


(1 level no ramps)

Orchard Rise

Apple Wood

£14.50 £12.50

Standard with ramp

(2 levels with ramp - not suitable for elderly buns or those not used to ramps)


(12sqft upper/ 12 sqft lower)

Rose Cottage

£14.50 £12.50
Guest Room Own Private Room - guests are not housed in a hutch/cage.(Stays over 21 days charged at £13 per day)

Maple Lodge

Hazel Lodge



Outdoor Hutches Size Hutch Name Daily Fee 4 days & Under Daily Fee 5 days & Over

Extra Large

Suitable for guinea pigs and rabbits.

Min of 30sqft Willow Warren £20.00 £15.00
Indoor Guinea Pig Hutches Size Hutch Name Daily Fee 4 days and Under Daily Fee 5 days & Over


*See terms below in black box


Haven/ Clover/ Silverdale/ Meadow Croft/ Bracken Lodge

£9.50 £8.50


8ft Amber/ Daisy/ Buttercup £10.50 £9.50


10ft x 1ft Jamble £11.50 £10.50


5ft x 2ft Apple/ Wood/ Orchard/ Rise £11.50 £10.50
Extra Large 10ft x 2ft

Apple Wood / Orchard Rise

£20.00 £18.00

Guest Room

Own private room - guests staying in playrooms are not housed in hutches/ cages. (Stays over 21 days charged at £18 per day)

Maple Lodge

Hazel Lodge



Rat, Chinchilla, Degu Size Pen Name Daily Fee 4 days & Under Daily Fee 5 days & Over

Can house 5 rats

84x54x100cm The Brambles £9.50 £8.50

Can house 5 rats

92x64x80cm Venture £9.50 £8.50
Pygmy Hedgehogs Size Room Name Daily Fee 4 days and Under Daily Fee 5 days and Over


5ft x 2ft - underfloor heated and heat lamp Pentas £12.50 £10.50
Hamster, Gerbils Size Pen Names Daily Fee 4 days & Under Daily Fee 5 days & Over


71.5x46x40cms Bluebell/ Sammys Place £8.00 £6.00

Ex Large

2 Connected Cages (2 x 71.5x46x40cms)

Bluebell/ Sammys Place £10.00 £8.00
Birds Size Cage Name Daily Fee 4 days & Under Daily Fee 5 days & Over



92x46x36cm The Ivy £7.50 £6.50


(Budgies, Finches, Cockatiels, Lovebirds & Parakeets)

92x64x80cm Venture £9.50 £8.50
Additional Charges for 3 or more guests staying in the same housing Charge Per Additional Guest
Small Rodent such as a gerbil/ hamster £0.50
Rat/ Degu or Chinchilla £1.00
Bird £1.00
Guinea Pig £2.00
Rabbit £4.00
Please note that our minimum booking period is 3 days
                Other Services  
Bonding Rabbits Price on Application
Clip Nails Whilst Boarding £4.00
Visit your home to Clip Nails (surrounding area only) £20.00
Appointment to Clip Nails at Crumpets £10.00
Bath Guinea Pig whilst boarding £5.00
Bath Rabbit whilst boarding £10.00
Administer Medication fees from (please contact us for further information) £0.50 - £10.00
Flyguard Application, Shave Dirty/ Matted fur away (Pets considered to be at risk from Flystrike).  £15.00
Vet Visit (each visit) £20.00
Intensive Nursing ie syringe feeding. Per day + hutch Please contact us for fees
Bank Holidays Double Daily Fee

Giant Breeds can only board in the guest rooms.

Our 5ft guinea pig hutches are limited to 2 guinea pigs.

Admission & Departure

Admissions and Departures are by appointment during the hours of; 

10.30am - 2.00pm/ 6.00pm-7.00pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

11am-12pm Wednesday

10.30am- 12.00pm Saturday/ Bank & School Holidays

11.00am- 12.00pm Sundays

For changes to opening hours click here



A non-refundable 50% deposit/ £20.00 (whichever is greater) is required to secure your booking, bookings made 30 days and under before boarding require a 100% deposit.

The remaining balance must be settled by arrival

We cannot only hold any reservation  without a deposit


Fee to be settled before admittance

We accept cash or Bank Transfer (BAC)

we accept

 We also accept all major debit/ credit cards

A 50% deposit is due via BAC or Card Payment. When paying your balance payment must be received 24 hours before arrival when settling via BAC or on arrival by Cash/ Card

We do not accept cheques


Rabbits must be vaccinated against Myxomatosis and RHD1 and RHD2 - please note these are 2 seperate vaccines.

We also advise worming prior to boarding.

Please click on the rabbit for information on vaccination, worming & flystrike.


Terms & Conditions

Click on the X to see our Terms & Conditions


Why can't rabbits board in guinea pig hutches? 

The hutches that are only available for guinea pigs are too small for rabbits, regardless of the size of the rabbit. 


"How far in advance do I need to book?"

This is a question we get asked a lot, normally after we say we are fully booked. We would always recommend booking your pets holiday care when you book your holiday. This saves the last-minute stress of trying to find someone/ somewhere to look after them!

Don't leave it till the last few weeks!

Sometimes we do have hutches available at short notice but why risk it? Good establishments have high demand especially through the school holidays!

We are currently accepting bookings 12 months in advance.

When we are full we sometimes get asked to board pets in their own hutches. We will not agree to do this as it limits the time we have to spend with our other guests and our insurance would be invalid. 

What happens if my pet becomes unwell whilst boarding?

We closely monitor all our guests during their stay at Crumpets. If at any point we suspect your pet is unwell and feel that veterinary treatment is required we will obtain it, in an emergency veterinary treatment will be immediatly sought without delay. We will always contact you or your emergency contact when your pet is unwell and keep you up to date with their condition and progress. Any veterinary fees incurred whilst boarding will be payable by yourself prior to the collection of your pet. (See Terms and Conditions section 14)  


Crumpets is located in Finchley N12 8HG.

Click here for tips on reducing stress when transporting your Pet.

We do not take responsibility for items/ carriers left at Crumpets, any such items/ carriers are left at your own risk.



If you are looking to re-home your pet please don't contact us with a false booking. It is hard for us to move on any animal dumped at Crumpets. We have to make sure that the pet is abandoned, then ensure we are legally allowed to re-home. It affects all our bookings, ruining other boarders stay and damaging our business. We do have links on our website to homing centres and this is the best way to go about re-homing. If you are looking for a new addition it's also a good place to start looking.



Your pet is in safe hands at Crumpets.


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