Common Questions



 "What pets do you board?"

We board rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, degus, rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils and small birds. 

"Can I board my ferret at Crumpets?"

We are a Bunnery and therefore do not board any pet such as cats, dogs, ferrets or reptiles as this would make it an incredibly stressful environment for our other guests due to them being natural predators to them.

"Can I provide my own cage?"

No as this invalidates our insurance.

"What do I need to bring when my pet boards with you?"

Crumpets provides everything your pet will need for their holiday including all food (pellets, hay, vegetables) and equipment. You are welcome to bring their favourite toy but please let us know prior to arrival. Please do not bring any hay as we cannot store this on site due to the risk of RHD2.Rabbit guests must present their vaccination card on arrival or have sent evidence of vaccination via email from their vet.

"Will my pet be handled and let our of their accommodation?"

When you book we ask you to complete a comprehensive form allowing you to tell us your pets likes and dislikes. We spend time with all our guests each day ensuring they are happy and well and using the information provided by yourself we interact with each guest, so if your bunny hates being picked up but loves to be stroked around their ears and nose then this is what we will do. Each rabbit and guinea pig guest has time outside their accommodation either in an indoor or outdoor run, birds are allowed out to fly twice a day for 1 hour, hamsters and gerbils have access to a ball (if permitted by yourself), rats are handled or hand fed dependant on your preference. We do everything we can to make your pets stay stress free.

"Will my pet be able to play/ mix with other guests?"

No, allowing guests to mix would result in fighting and unwanted pregnancies. It is also incredibly stressful for guests to be approached by another guest that isn't their normal companion, especially other rabbits, this can break bonds, spread disease, parasites and is an unpleasant boarding experience for your pet who feels their territory is constantly under threat.

"Can I view the facilities prior to booking"

Yes, you are welcome to view prior to booking. Information about viewing can be found by clicking here. We do not hold any reservation without a 50% deposit which has to be paid within 24 hours of making the booking.  

"Can you hold the reservation without a deposit?"

We do not reserve any accommodation without a 50% non refundable deposit which must be received within 24 hours of making your reservation.

"My pet has special needs can you accommodate them?"

Due to our Veterinary Nurse qualifications we routinely board guests with additional needs. Please contact us directly for more details. 

"What happens if my pet is ill prior to or during their stay?"

Ill prior to stay - Due to our experience and qualifications we are able to accommodate medical boarders and will often provide this service for clients whose pet is not suited to hospitalisation at the vets as our facilities are set up to accommodate specific species in a less stressful environment. We will do everything we can to ensure your pet is still able to board and accommodate their needs. The only time we would turn away a guest would be if they are a risk to other guests staying with us. Please contact us for further details and costs.

Ill during stay - We will endeavour to contact you or your emergency contact. Your pet will be taken to an experienced vet for examination, further treatment and medication would be carried out on site (at Crumpets) see our terms and conditions for details.

"My rabbit isn't vaccinated, can they still board?"

No, we have a strict vaccine policy in place to protect our other guests and facilities. Both indoor rabbits and outdoor are equally at risk of the common viral diseases currently present in the UK, see our vaccine policy for further details by clicking here  

"I know your rabbit accommodation is full, can my rabbit stay in a guinea pig hutch?"

No, we will only accommodate guests in the accommodation we have allocated to that species.

"Can I just drop my pet off during the day or do I need an appointment?"

We do not have an open door policy as this restricts us on the time we can spend with other guests especially if we have medical boarders that require a strict feeding schedule including through the night. It would also affect the time we spend with your pet settling them into their holiday accommodation once they have arrived.

Looking after our guests is a 24/7 job and to get a work life balance we have specific opening hours and operate on an appointment only system, we request that our clients respect this by arriving on time for their appointment.

We have appointments between the hours of;

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10am -2pm / 6pm-7pm
Wednesdays 11am-12pm
Saturdays 10am - 12pm (We are closed 1 Saturday in 4 for admissions and departures)
Sundays 11.00am-12.00pm

"Can you recommend another boarder?"

We no longer recommend other boarders as we have not visited their facilities.

We would advise anyone using a boarding facility to visit first to ensure you are happy with the accommodation and person looking after your pet, check they will be on site during your pet's stay and confirm your reservation well in advance. 

We also remind clients that anyone can be a boarder with no licence, no insurance, little knowledge or experience. Boarding can be stressful for your pet if not done properly and without care and attention underlying issues and illness may follow. In 90% of boarding there are no issues but when choosing a boarder and paying for a service that person or any person who has access to your pet should be suitably qualified or experienced to recognise quickly when something is wrong and act appropriately, the knowledge of just owning a pet is sometimes not enough, they should be on site monitoring your pet and not running a boarding establishment around a day job as when problems occur the situation can deteriorate very quickly. 

You will find a list of small animal boarders at www.findpetboarding.co.uk