Rabbit Holidays

Crumpets provides all inclusive holiday care for your bunny. We provide all they will need for their stay from top quality hays, forage, fresh food, pellets*, bowls, bottles and bedding. You are welcome to bring their favourite toys, treats or bedding.

We spend lots of time with our guests every day, ensuring they are happy and well. We provide regular email or Whatsapp updates of your bunnys holiday, including photos and videos. We are here 24/7 ensuring they are getting the care they deserve.

We can accomodate special needs and medical boarders, contact us for more details.

*Pellets we stock - Excel (Light/ Junior/ Mature/ Adult Mint), Science Selective, Fibre Stix, P&H, Muesli Mix.


10ft x 2ft Indoor Hutch - Costing from £12.50 per day

Guest Room (Indoor) - Costing from £15.00 per day

Outdoor Hutch - Costing from £15.00 per day

We charge per hutch, not per guest, there is a surcharge of £4.00 for 3 or more guests (each).

Our lodges are heated in the winter and have air conditioning for those hot summer months. They are monitored by CCTV.

Vaccine Requirements

Your rabbit requires 2 vaccines to board at Crumpets.

Nobivac Myxo RHD - Given every 12 months, if your rabbit hasn't had this vaccine in the last 12 months it must be administered 21 days prior to boarding.

Filovac RHD2 or Eravac RHD2 (Given every 12 months), if this vaccine has not been administered in the last 12 months it must be administered 14 days prior to boarding.

These vaccines must be administered 2 weeks apart.

We also recommend you treat your rabbit for parasites prior to boarding.

Rabbits prone to mucky bums should be treated with a flystike prevention treatment such as Rearguard prior to boarding, especially during the summer months.