Making your pets stay stress free!

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Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are very intelligent and change can be stressful and upsetting for them.


At Crumpets we go the extra mile to ensure our guests settle in well, keeping stress levels to a minimum.


By following these simple guidelines you can help your Bunny or Piggie relax and get ready for their holiday.


  • Relax, they will pick up on your stress levels.


  • Pick an appropriate carrier that is sturdy, has a flat base, well ventilated and secure. Place some absorbent material in it such as newspaper and a small amount of hay to nibble on during the journey. Don't transport in a cardboard box, your Rabbit/ Guinea Pig can chew through them with little effort.


  • Do not open the carrier whilst travelling as your pet may escape, it will also raise stress levels as your pet will attempt to get out and feel less secure in the carrier.


  • Use a seatbelt! Make sure your carrier is secure on a flat surface. Your pet could be injured if they get thrown about in an unstable carrier.


  • Drive carefully and take your time. If using public transport avoid rush hour. 


  • Talk to them whilst they are traveling, knowing you are there will help keep them calm.


  • Bring some of their bedding from home or a small item of your clothing, this gives them a familiar smell and will be comforting.


  • Bring their favorite toy!


  • If your pet gets stressed in the car consider purchasing Serene-UM calm. A product for Rabbits but can also be used in guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils and other small furries. It helps to relax your pet without sedation by naturally calming and soothing them. It also helps with aggression, hyperactivity, separation anxiety, fireworks and thunderstorms. It is widely available on the internet and recommended by Vets.  


  • Let us know their favourite fuss spots and pet hates. How they like to be handled, feeding times and favourite foods. The more we know about our guest the easier they will settle in.


If your worried about boarding your pet talk to us, we are always happy to give advice.

If your pet is boarding and you are wondering about how they are settling in, contact us! We can update you 24 hours a day.

Admission and Departures must be by appointment between the hours of 9am-6pm.